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    Submitted to: Kathe Cxxxxxx    Job Name: Cxxxxxx  Interior   Job # 01031
  Location: Jacksonville, Fl.   Address: # 12xxx Rxxxxxx Ct., JacksonvilleFl.32224
               Date:10/18/2012         Date of Plans: 10/18/2012      
   Phone # (254) 317-xxxx    Email: xxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com 
            We hereby submit specifications and estimates for: Furnish labor, material, and equipment to paint the interior walls and ceilings of the entire 2,000 sq. ft. interior of above listed residence as follows: Paint all walls with customers choice color in either eggshell or satin finish Glidden Premium or Duo paint. The Duo to be used for more strong colors needing better covering properties Some wall repairs to be made: spackling of bad seams and holes etc. Some caulking to be applied in cracked seams of trim etc. The white trim is to be cleaned in dirty spots and touched up with white semi gloss trim paint. Ceilings: popcorn ceilings to be spray painted with customers choice color, and probably flat finish because that is the most appropriat for ceilings. All of the walls in all rooms and closets are to be cut in by brush and rolled, two coated if need be.         

     My paint jobs have a 2 year warranty...
  We propose hereby to furnish material equipment and labor -- complete in accordance with the above specifications for the sum of:
  $2,200.oo_________________ Dollars
 With payments to be made as follows:__$350.oo__innitially,__$1,850.oo__upon completion.___________
     Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written order, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. All agreements  contingent upon strikes, accidents, or delays beyond our control.
Note -- this proposal may be withdrawn by us if not accepted within ____45_____ days.
submitted ____Greg__Bizzell____Greg Bizzell__
    Acceptance of Proposal
The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. You are authorized to do the work as specified.
        Payments will be made as outlined above.

   Date of Acceptance ______________
  Signature ______________________

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